Houvardas Talks About National Theater

giannis_xouvardas211131The Artistic Director of the National Theater of Greece, Yannis Houvardas, talks about Greece and the crisis in a full-page interview to the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zietung, in the light of his directing (his first directing in Vienne) of the play The Marquise of O., by Ferdinand Bruckner. The play is to be premiered April 19 at the famous Viennese theater Akademietheater (Academy Theater).

In his interview, Houvardas, explaining the reasons that led him to the decision to abandon the National Theater’s direction, mentions that the situation was getting worse year by year, the budget was drastically reduced, the salaries were not paid on time, many of his colleagues are poorly paid and it is very difficult to find motivation to work.

Houvardas observes that today in Greek theaters the question of how things came to this point is raised, and now that the political and social theater have more to offer where the audience is flocking, many things are discussed and there’s a thirst for answers.

In conclusion he sees Greece kneeling and the Greek people being in an extremely hard financial situation, having given everything they could. He can’t estimate with certainty whether this will lead to a social uprising or to a gradual improvement of the situation.