Trabzon Hagia Sophia To Be Converted into Mosque

777px-Hagia_Sophia,_TrabzonThe church of Hagia Sofia in Trabzon, north-eastern Turkey, which is a museum today, will be converted into a mosque according to the local Vakif Direction of Trabzon, which is the owner of the estate. The reconstruction works have already been started.

The mufti of the Turkish province Trabzon, Veysel Çakı, said that “the works for opening the Hagia Sophia mosque in the city to practice prayers again are going on,” and that “during the prayer the mural paintings will be covered by curtains.”

“The process of making Hagia Sofia a place of worship will not last long,” Çakı continued. According to Çakı, the Presidency of Religious Affairs has already appointed the imams for the mosque.

Hagia Sofia, which dates back to the thirteenth century when Trabzon was the capital of the Empire of Trebizond, is a church with a prominent position both among the monuments of Pontus, but also among the byzantine monuments in general. It owes its importance to its connection with numerous historical and archaeological aspects.


  1. I’m all for ‘inter-faith’ dialogue, and mutual understanding. But this is a complete outrage and must be stopped. There is no political correctness to be taken into consideration in this issue. What’s next? The Patriarchate? The main Hagia Sophia–the mother church?!?! As much as it pains me to say it I’d rather see an earthquake level it than it return to Muslim worship…. absolutely disgusting.

  2. This is a disgrace and Turkey is an EU candidate? It’s disgusting how Turkey treat’s Christians, both in the present and in the past.

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  8. In a country where we need schools and teachers in growing numbers every year they build or convert mosques to put their extra unemployed imams, disgusting. And for Greeks, we at least convert the building not destroy it, so f… off


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