Bulgarian Map Claims Thrace

f16G_533_355Bulgarian officials presented an outrageous map according to which Thrace belongs to Bulgaria. The Greek Ministry of Defense reacted strongly.

Air Marshal Evaggelos Tournas sent a protest letter to his Bulgarian counterpart, Air Vice Marshal Constantin Popov after the inaccurate information presented by Bulgarian officials according to which Thrace belongs to Bulgaria.

Here is the story in detail: from July 11 until July 27 , the Thracian Star 2013 exercise will take place at Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base, Bulgaria, with the participation of the USA and Romania. After an invitation from  the Bulgarian Air Force, the participation of Greek fighter aircrafts was decided on as well.

During the initial coordinating meeting in Sofia, the Bulgarians presented basic information and operational data for carrying out the exercise. After these inaccuracies were presented, there was a reference to “historical” data which emphasized that Bulgarians originate from Thracians, while they included a map on which territory that includes all modern Thrace of Greece was depicted. On the same map, ancient Macedonia was also depicted separated by borders from the rest of Greece.


  1. If anything Greeks could claim the rest of Thracia as Thracian became Hellenized well before a single Bulgar entered Europe.

  2. 1. Thrace belong to Greeks since ancient.
    2. Thracians were Greeks or not, we just need more infos by finding.
    3. If Thracians were not Greeks, then is very clear these people came East Europe to Thrace. But they were illegals and lived in Greece ( Thrace ) and build some military.
    Again. Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus belong to prehistory Greeks. Albanians, FYROM, Bulgarians were trying to steal Greek countries and history.

  3. Thracians were not Greek but rather a Balkan indigenous group like the Illyrians, and Paeonians where today’s FYROM is!

  4. Best part is that I read this article after reading the article about Greece being the largest investor in Bulgaria…

  5. So, the air head marshal Popov takes advantage of his NATO status and wants to expand his territory to the South. It’s time to resurrect Basil Bulgaroktonos.
    BTW is Sophia a Bulgarian word?

  6. I don’t care who takes thrace whether its greece or bulgaria just take it back from those god damn turks who unjustly conquered it and still refuse to give back constantinople
    (Despite it not being there capital anymore (And yes i know its called istanbul but i prefer its old name)

  7. Bulgars and FYROMans are not Slavs. We are mostly of native Thracian origin. Check the DNA tests. Most Bulgars are assimilated Thracians. Thrace belongs to Bulgaria and we even controlled it for a while during WWI.

  8. The roots are not somebody is claiming, the truth is not based on our wishes. But who knows the truth? If you make your own DNA you might be surprised. And what’s the matter of these origins. I believe that antique tribes might have nothing to do with the present people

  9. Bulgarians are tracians, so are a lot of Greeks. So are most of the Romanians. We were all being told lies at school because we are one big nation and together we are strong, but those who write the history are those who don’t want us to be strong. It’s easier to control when you separate and brainwash people. They want us to hate each other because otherwise we would be strong enough to fight for what is right. And what is right is the truth. And the truth is that we are all as different as same. And just to mention a thing. Bulgarians were on that land a lot before official history says and Asia is not where they come from. It’s where they return from. Return to their own land, where they belong (and DNA tests prove that bulgarians are on these lands for mileniums), so do a lot of you. Peace brothers and be smart. Think before you believe anything you’ve been told wherever, because we have all been told different things and when you go deeper, you realise that there is no fucking logic at all in all the official history. : )

  10. Absolutely correct statement! The official story is written by people who hide from the truth. Divide and conquer – old maxim. Bulgarians, Greeks, Romantsi, Serbs, Croats – we are descendants of the numerous and great people – THRACIANS