Tagesspiegel Says Nazis Destroyed Greece

parthenonssThe classical liberal German newspaper Tagersspiegel, criticizing Germany’s refusal to pay more war reparations to Greece for World War II, said the Nazis  did more damage there than in any other country.

Tagersspiegel catalogued the horror and suffering that Hitler’s forces brought to Greece: “130,000 civilians, women and children, were executed in retaliation for rebel attacks. 70,000 Jews were taken to concentration camps, 300,000 suffered frostbite and hunger, because the Germans confiscated food and fuel. Fifty percent of the country’s infrastructure and 75% of industry were destroyed”.

The article describes the dilemma that Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras faces: “If Greece abandons its claims, this would lead to waves of indignation in the country. On the other hand, Antonis Samaras does not wish to spoil his relationship with Chancellor Merkel asking her for billions of euros.”

The paper said that if Germany paid Greece what it is alleged to owe, it would dramatically improve Greece’s likelihood of overcoming its crushing economic crisis.

“The Greek government appears to pushes the issue away. After the conclusion of a group of experts on the topic, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs will ask the opinion of the state’s law officials, in order for the decision to be postponed in every way,” it added.


  1. Germany the dead beat debtor nation of Europe. SHAME ON YOU GERMANY FOR YOUR DECEIT. YOU ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT PUT HITLER TO POWER AND DESPOILED EUROPE. Hitler did it with his armies, Merkel is doing it with the Euro.

  2. The German Nazi army young recruits
    Hauled away the Greek gold in crates
    And now older and in three piece suits
    Lend it back to Greece at inflated rates!


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