Austria’s Greeks Honor Cypriot Freedom Fighters

images65The Greek Cypriot National Day of April 1 was honored by the Hellenism in the historical Greek-Orthodox Church of St. George in Vienna, in the presence of the Metropolitan of Austria and Exarch of Hungary and Mid-Europe, Arsenios.

The Cypriot Ambassador, Ioannis Adam attended the Holy Thrice and during his speech he pointed out the heroism of the Cypriot War of Independence from 1955-59 against British colonialism and the need to continue the struggle today against an economic crisis.

Metropolitan Arsenios talked about the importance to honor those who fought and died for their national ideals during the national struggles, for the independence and the democracy in their country. He referred to the hard times Cyprus now faces and what he said was an unfair decision by European officials to force confiscation of big bank deposits in return for a bailout.

The President of the Cultural Center of Cyprus in Vienna, the internationally-known Cypriot baritone, Kyros Patsalides talked about the enthusiasm and the loyalty of the young especially who fought back then for the independence of Cyprus, as well as about the heroism and patience of their parents.

He pointed out that the struggle for the Cypriots is not over because the half of the island is under the occupation of Turkey and the other half under European bankers. The Holy Thrice was attended among others by the Greek Ambassador in Austria, Dimitris Daskalakis, by the former ambassador of Greece in Slovakia and by representatives of Greek and Cypriot services.