It’s Hard Being Greek Says Hislop

HislopAuthor Victoria Hislop, who became widely known in Greece for her book The Island has written a series of short stories called The last Dance which reflects on the country again and its hardships through the ages.

In an interview with Proto Thema she said that, “The 20th Century was a series of major crises in Greece. The population exchange, the Occupation, the civil war, dictatorship and so many others with no an end. I don’t even dare to compare Greece and all those this country has been through, to my homeland, Great Britain. Surely, there are explanations for all this constant turmoil plaguing this country, since Greece is rarely in a true peace. There is always some “earthquake” to shake Greece. That alone means that it is very hard to be Greek. ”

The author she she hopes that some people learned their lesson from what is happening in Greece, especially during its crushing economic crisis so that similar mistakes won’t be make in other countries. She emphasized what she said was the need to change the sense of the wider misunderstanding and delusion that exists in politics.


  1. If it’s so hard being Greek, bring in Turks and Sicilians to work a little death magic on the population, then let the country be inhabitted by Ulster Protestants, who are unable to tolerate anyone’s presence but their own — but who at least work 8 hours a day for limited benefits. Cross out the name “Greece.” Call it COUNTY HELLS.


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