Greek Scientist Antoniadou Woman of the Year

antoniadouThe Greek scientist Eleni Antoniadou, has been named Woman of the Year in Science and Technology, at the 2013 FDM Everywoman In Technology Awards, that took place at The Savoy Hotel in London, on March 19.

She was awarded for producing artificial organs as off-the-shelf technology. The technology, which was developed as part of a university project in 2009, has recently been used to save a patient who was suffering from late stage tracheal cancer, creating the very first fully functional artificial organ transplant in the history of medicine.

Antoniadou is co-founder and chief of science in Transplants Without Donors from London. She is involved in Life Sciences, Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine. She is a pioneer of regenerative medicine’s technology that has reached a point that can permit the research of organ transplantation without donors.

She is among the scientists who believe that in the near future vital organs will be able to develop from the patients’ own cells, and which will have fewer possibilities to be rejected from the body.

In 2012 she joined the NASA Academy as the top candidate among 1,200 nominations. She has since accepted the position of Research Associate at the Biosciences Division/Mars Exploration Laboratory at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley, where Antoniadou investigates the radiation’s effect on the neurological system, in order to protect astronauts while traveling in space.

In her speech during the ceremony, she talked about the technology she has developed to create artificial organs, as well as about the advancements in the field, and the successful transplants that have been performed.

FDM everywoman in Technology Awards is an annual event which recognizes, rewards and encourages female talent within the IT industry. In its third year, it is heralded as one of the UK’s leading initiatives to raise the profile of women in IT.


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