Nelly’s in Sofia

nelly'sThe National Academy of Arts in Sofia in cooperation with the Benaki Museum in Athens, has organized an exhibition dedicated to Elli Souyioultzoglou-Seraïdari, known as Nelly’s, one the most celebrated Greek photographers of the interwar period.

The exhibition under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in Sofia, will be opened on March 19,  and will include 60 of her works.

Elli Souyioultzoglou-Seraïdari was born in Aidini, near Izmir, in 1899. She studied in Dresden, Germany, under Hugo Erfurth and Franz Fiedler. In 1924 she came to Athens. She photographed ancient Greek temples against sea and sky backgrounds, which were published by the first Greek ministries of tourism.

She photographed the Delphic Festivals of Angelos Sikelianos and his wife, in 1927. At the beginning of World War II she was in the US, where she stayed until 1966.

In 1985, Nelly’s donated her photo archives and cameras to the Benaki Museum in Athens, while in 1987 she was presented with an honorary diploma and medal by the Hellenic Center of Photography and the government. In 1993, she was awarded the Order of the Phoenix by the then president of the Greek Republic, Konstantinos Karamanlis. In 1996, the Athens Academy presented her with its Arts and Letters Award.

Nelly’s died in Athens, Greece, on August 18, 1998.