Greek Films at Budapest Francophonie Fest

Akadimia_PlatonosAudiences in Budapest had the chance to look Greek films taking part in the Francophonie Festival. The works featured a range of Greek directors with different visions of using film, including showing the country’s economic crisis.

The festival offers a month of cultural activities aimed to promoting the French language and of the cultures of Francophone countries. The Embassy of Canada is taking part as well.

Two Greek films were screened, Plato’s Academy, made by the Greek director Filippos Tsitos and the short film Casus Belli directed by Giorgos Zois. The event attracted many Hungarian moviegoers, Greek migrants and Greek students and businessmen who live in Budapest as well as the ambassadors of Greece Dimitris Yannakakis and of Cyprus Vassos Chamberlain.

The Greek participation was coordinated by the Press and Communication Office of the Greek Embassy in Hungary, in cooperation with the Secretary of Information and Communication and the National Film Centre.