German Tourists’ Comeback to Greece

EUROPE___MEDITERRANEAN_GREECE_ZANTE_DES_000952_According to Torsten Schaefer, spokesman of the German Travel Association (DRV), German tour operators have recorded an unprecedented comeback relating to the German bookings over holidaymaking in Greece, as he stated during his interview with the German Press Agency.

According to media reports, Schaefer said bookings to Greece were increasing three to four percent compared to 2012.

German arrivals to Greece dropped last year mainly because of worries about anti-German sentiment due to forced austerity measures on the Greek people in return for international aid.

Furthermore, the  newspaper published an article under the title We cannot do more, where DRV data is referred, stating that “last year the Germans had been canceling their reservations, having been thinking of Greeks as ungrateful.”

The columnist goes on saying “However, we are not vindictive. And also, the crisis is now everywhere. Even France will soon go bankrupt. So anyone can now go back to the beaches of Crete and believe he can solve the euro crisis by drinking ouzo. If this attitude is to pay off, that depends on the restaurants.”


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