Turkish Yeni Raki in Greek islands

yeni_raki_390The Turkish alcohol company Mey İçki is pushing to double its sales of raki in Greece, reaching the amount of 60,000 liters in competition with Greek brands of the famous fiery liquor.

Galip Yorgancıoglu, the CEO of Mey İçki, in an interview given to the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, referred to Yeni Raki, the Turkish ouzo,which has been a Turkish trademark since its beginning as a product of the state monopoly.

“We are currently selling in Greece from 20-30,000 liters and this without us making the slightest effort,” said Yorgancıoglu and he noted that the company has chosen 70 restaurants, among the Greek islands, where they will promote the Turkish product.

“We want to turn these restaurants into Turkish taverns,” he stated, adding that the promotion will be combined with the offer of various items such as cups or summer umbrellas.

“Many Turks have been visiting the islands. Our goal is to win them. I think that we’ll double our sales in Greece,” he said. According to his calculations, ouzo in Greece is being sold in one third of the price in relation to that one of the  Turkish raki because of taxes applied in his country. The company is going to target Greeks islands favored by Turks for holidays.


  1. Go away Turkish thieves. No turkish promotion in Greece. Because if they do it then the greek ouzo company will have serious damage and tourists will buy only turkish ouzo instead greek ouzo. Do the math. Turks stole from Greece ideas ( Ottoman Empire ) and making fake ouzo that belonged to greek ouzo. I pity those Turks.

  2. I was just in Turkey in January and brought home to Ireland some Yeni Raki. My wife and I enjoy it but much prefer our favourite few brands of Greek ouzo.
    It will be interesting to see which islands appeal to the Turks.


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