France Gives Up Sorbonne Greek Seat

SorboneThe Modern Greek seat at University of Sorbonne which was founded by Eleftherios Venizelos for closer relations between the two countries is coming to an end, just as French President Francois Hollande returned from Athens where he promised closer ties.

It all began with the death of the university professor and Chairman of the Modern Greek Studies Association of French-Speaking Universities, Michalis Lasithiotakis, since its university seat had to be covered by someone else. The university has decided not to fill it, continuing the decline of universities providing courses about Greece.

French education officials said they re-thought the position in light of Greece’s crushing economic crisis which has been blamed on wild overspending, corruption and political incompetence.

Supporters are trying to collect signatures for the preservation of the Greek university seat. Helene Ahrweiler, the eminent Greek university professor and Byzantinologist, as well as Costa-Gavras the Greek-born naturalized French filmmaker, are two of the prominent Greek personalities who are alumni at the school.



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