Cypriot Fugitive Voudouri Abandoned Mansion

Voudouri'sMichael Voudouri, a Greek-Cypriot who fled Scotland after being found guilty of a high-tech scam, left behind a $3.14 million mansion ans is reportedly in hiding in his home island, said officials who are looking for him.

They that his family was spotted packing up and leaving their UK luxury home and believed the goods would be shipped to Cyprus. The Sunday Mail newspaper said it tracked the 45-year-old to a villa near the town of Kyrenia in the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus – out of reach of his UK arrest warrant.

A male relative, believed to be Voudouri’s son-in-law Andrew Medwik, confirmed the container would be shipped overseas. He added: “That’s us, we won’t be back,” it was reported.

Voudouri was due to be sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow in November after he admitted using chains of interlinked firms across Europe to claim back Valued Added Tax (VAT) on bogus transactions of small, high-value goods such as mobile phone chips. Officials said he carried out the scam through Glasgow computer firm Q-Tech Distribution. He had been accused of laundering 48.2 million pounds ($75.8 million) but the Crown accepted a guilty plea after the sum was reduced to 10.3million pounds ($16.2 million).

The fraudster also admitted a separate charge of hiding 1.2million pounds ($1.88 million) of cash while serving another jail term for another VAT scam. After he failed to turn up for sentencing, judge Lord Tyre issued a warrant for his arrest.

Voudouri is reportedly living in a in a four-bedroom villa in the occupied area of Cyprus, with wife Chrystalla and daughters Georgina and Nicolette. Only Turkey recognizes the Republic.


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