London’s Mazi Gets The Raves


The noted economic newspaper The Financial Times has given strong reviews to a London Greek restaurant called Mazi, run by Christina Mouratoglou from Thessaloniki and her husband and co-founder Adrien Carre. Londoners agree.

The article begins with reference to a Greek product, kritama, that grows in Thessaloniki.  It is a green salty plant that is “half way between seaweed and a herb,” which Mouratoglou’s father collects and then sends it in boxes to London.

They said that starting on Feb. 2 the restaurant’s Greek brunch will also include the filo-wrapped, cream-filled bougatsa served with a jar of chocolate milk. Given that all Greek restaurants in London seem only to serve the predictable Greek dishes, Christina decided with the help of her partner to try something different.

“One of the first things I said to Christina when we met was there are no high-end Greek restaurants in the UK, and there’s a gap in the market for that … we wanted to do something that would be better for the London crowd,” says London-raised Frenchman Carre.

Mazi, located in the Notting Hill neighborhood, has become popular through various notices around the world, as many newspapers from Hong Kong, Taiwan etc, have published articles about it.  Mouratoglou was named Woman of the Month by Olive magazine.

Mazi is included among Standard’s 10 best restaurants of the year in London, at the same time that it has been also included within the Michelin 2013 list for restaurants and hotels in London. Mouratoglou said they constantly receive CVs from would-be waiters as more Greeks look for work in the UK because of the economic crisis in Greece.




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