Intercultural Association Macedonia Cuts Vasilopita

vienna-2-300x225The customary cutting of the Vasilopita (Greek New Year’s Cake) was celebrated in an event of the Intercultural Association Macedonia in Vienna. The Secretary of SAE, Olga Sarantopoulos  referred to the Association’s goal as perhaps one of the biggest challenges it deals with, and that is preserving the name of Macedonia from any malicious action or propaganda aiming to distort the historical truth.

The Metropolitan of Austria, Exarch of Hungary and Central Europe, Arsenios, who also attended the event, in his address conveyed wishes for success in the association’s activities and the support on behalf of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Austria, blessing the Vasilopita.

Moreover, Metropolitan Arsenios highlighted the significant role of Hellenism and the Orthodoxy throughout the centuries in Vienna while praising Greek organizations in Austria for their unity, and underlined the need for mutual understanding and cooperation among all institutions in these difficult times for Greece.
Among others who also attended the event, were representatives of Greek and Cypriot agencies in Austria, including the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Austria, Kostas Papadimas, and former Greek Ambassador to Hungary, Spyridon Georgiles , as well as notable members of the Greek Diaspora, Austrian friends of the Association and Greek origin town councilor and member of the local Chamber of Vienna, Hannes Harvanek.
Among the primary objectives of the Macedonia Intercultural Association, established in late 1993 by members of the Greek Diaspora in Vienna, are the coordination of activities for the promotion of Greek views and interests on national issues, especially on the Macedonian issue, as well as the creation and preservation of contacts with political and intellectual figures, media representatives and notable figures in Austria shaping public opinion.



  1. By calling ‘F.Y.R.O.M’ as ‘Republic of Macedonia’ is historically inaccurate, Ancient Macedonians have always claimed to be Greeks and they spoke Greek. FYROM are Bulgarians and speak Bulgarian. Macedonia is a province in Greece and the Greeks has every right to protect its culture and history from frauds, scandals and propagandist… What FYROM is claiming is not called ‘human rights’ only cultural and identity theft.

  2. The inaccuracy is,calling “Greece”instead of Yunanista.Greece is the most fradulant
    people on this earth my friend.It has been proven long time ago by one of the founders of USA.John Adams,one of US founding fathers,in a statement written back on July 14th 1783 to the first US State Secretary Robert Livingston,clearly states he wanted to see Macedonia as well as Greece independent from Ottoman rule.Adams then goes on to describe the Greeks as people…230 years later they are still described in the same way,”corrupted in their morals to such a degree,as to be faithless,perfidious race,destitute of courage…”This my friend tops the cake!

  3. I am a Macedonian and i disagree we have always regarded ourselves as a Greek people. We were a Dorian people just like the Spartans. We spoke Greek and Philip and Alexander have Greek names and spoke Greek. Both of them hated how Greeks fought against each other and they united all Greeks under their rule. And then spread Greek culture and built Greek cities throughout Alexanders empire.

    Todays FYROM is 45% Albanian. And the rest are a mixture of what was left behind from the Ottoman Empire a mixture of Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, Turkish and Gypsy. Just look at the features of your president Gruevsky his eyes are a little slanted so he must have mongol blood in him as did the original Bulgars.

    The only reason why Skopje wants to steal our Name and Culture is because it is Famous, it is beautiful and it is proud. Because all these mean that it has History and a beautiful coastline which brings in money from Tourism. So the bottom line is that you are hungry for greed.
    My home is my home in Makedonia and i will protect my home. You have your land, just choose a name that identifies your people and culture and not steel ours. The area of FYROM in the early years of the Roman Empire was called Moesia, with its capital Skupi. So the city of Skopje was founded by the Romans and the area that was inhabited by Illyrians, Paeonians, Thrakians and Scythians was controlled by the Romans. And none spoke Bulgarian or Slavic at the time.

  4. Is that the best you can do is refer to the thinking of a man named John Adams. Who never even set foot in Makedonia. Re Katsika. I am a Makedonos and i know my ancestry well. I you think you are a Makedono then you should stop saying that we are Bulgarian or Slavic

  5. It is amazing how FYR peoples (you should not even have the honour of being called FYROM) it should be just plain and simple Former Yugoslav Republic), bend the facts and truths to try and take our homes where our families have lived for many generations. Our Northern Greek borders after the First World War were with Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey. And the this southern province of Serbia was called Vadarska. After the Second World War they were with Albania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey. After the Second World War Tito who was a Croatian renamed southern Serbia as Makedonija to accomplish two goals. One was to weaken Serbia and make it smaller and the second to expand Yugoslavia to the Aegean Sea by supporting and using the Greek communists to achieve this goal. Luckily we banished the communists and established law and order in our northern province of Makedonia. So it is thanks to Tito that we have this problem today. And all the new generation is brainwashed with false propaganda to believe that they are Macedonians of which they are not.

  6. No my friend,Macedonia is not 45% Albanians.The truth is,Greece is 45% Albanians,10% Macedonians,20% Turks,Pontious and, 5%Vlahs,and the rest are Roma and immigrants from all over the world.Your current president Papulias aka(Sulayman)is Albanian,Pangalos is Albanian.Looks like you can’t see beyond your nose.Macedonia wants what is theirs.The Greek history is fabricated from A-Z.You are losing it,it does not belong to you,ICJ proved it.Your theory of 99.9% purity is bull sh…!Gruevskis eyes are just fine,your eyes must be slanted,the evidence is in your comment,you can’t see straight.
    You don’t even know your own history.Former Foreign Minister of Greece Droutsas said”I am born Macedonian,will die Macedonian”,he was not even a Greek, father Cypriot,mother Austrian,what does that make him?.Karamanlis said”the Pontious people are the true ancient Macedonians”,then why do Greeks insist on Macedonians being Greek?.I can tell you,you are dreamers,fabricators of history to a level that no one can do it better than you,and for that you really deserve a medal,just like the fabricated financial report to the Eurozone for membership.Look where did it get you.Well,John Adams in 1783 was 100% right to characterize you as he did!

  7. We are Macedonians,not Greek nor Bulgarians.Modern Greece is not what you are trying to portray.There is no lineage to the City states of Athens or Sparta.The name Greece was changed from Gaico and Yunanista.You should thank the Austrian prince Otto for re-naming you to Greece.You don’t know your ancestry at all.This argument I had with someone else,he insisted of being pure Greek,but at the end he admit it and said”My mother is Greek and my father is Albanian”.Now,that made him the great pure Greek as Papulias,right?

  8. You don’t know history.Vre katsika,read what former PM of Greece Ralis said in 1903,then come back and say something if you are not ashamed.Find out why Greece jailed Kolokotroni,Manolis Glezos and others.What former PM Mitsotakis said not long ago,Droutsas,Karamanlis,and of course Athena Skoulariki and others,then come back so we can have a meaningful talk on history.This bull shit Greece is spreading has caught up with you,you are unable to separate the truth from fabrication.Read the 3rd grade high school book on Greek history,then get together with your worst enemy Bulgaria,and talk it over.No wonder the “pospasma” used to call us “Vulgary”.Vre Alvanoturkos,emis imastai Makedones,ohoi Ellines,ohoi Vulgari kai ohoi Alvanus!I am proud Macedonian!

  9. Aetos,never claimed I am Bulgarian,nor Greek.I am Macedonian,plain as that.I speak the slavic language as the Russians,Slovaks,Polish,Ukrainians,Serbians,Bulgarians and many others.The language does not denote,as you Greeks trying to refer us as (slavomakedones).All above speak slavic language.The reason you are “re-naming” our identity is,to get away from the truth,our lineage to our ancient roots.This in turn, your fabricated history would more suit Greeces falsified history.
    Here is part of the treaty of Serves which Greece signed earlier on August 10th,1920.According to conditions of the Treaty, under Articles 7,8 and 9,the Greek government was to undertake certain obligations regarding”the protection of the non-Greek national minorities in Greece”.These Articles specifically stated free use of languages and education.Initially Greece sought to neglect its obligations,however in March 1925 the League of Nations directed Greece to fulfill its obligations.By May,1925 an elementary school reader was published in the Macedonian language,it was known as the Abecedar.The Abecedar was to be used by Macedonian children in Macedonian schools which were yet to open in Aegean Macedonia.
    Strong reaction immediatly came from Serbia and Bulgaria.Serbia and Bulgaria were caught totally by surprise,both were furious that the Abecedar was not printed in Serbian or Bulgarian respectivaly..Serbia threatened to break its treaty of Alliance with Greece and to commence negotiations with Bulgaria for the division of Aegean Macedonia.Bulgaria protested that they signed an Accord with Greece which recognized the Macedonians as “Bulgarians”.What occurred next is truly a rare example,the Greek representative at the League of Nations Vasilis Dendramis responded by defending the Macedonian language as being”Neither Bulgarian,nor Serbian but an independent language”.He listed various linguists and linguistic maps as evidence to support his claim of the independence of the Macedonian language.The high ranking Greek official representing the Greek State not only recognized the existence of the Macedonian identity,but openly defended and supported it.
    The Abecedar was destroyed,but remains as a reminder to the Greek government of the Macedonians as a separate national entity.
    On November 1932 Rizospastis published the following statement;”What we have in Macedonia are neither Greeks nor Bulgarians nor Serbs but the Macedonian people,the Macedonian minority which,in spite of all the blows and in spite of all the repression,preserves its economic and its national existence and a separate culture.
    It is these Macedonians states another correspondent who said”Clench their teeth,stabbornly speak their Macedonian language of their own,for a free Macedonia”.
    In the matter of Goce Delcheff,nowhere mentions”Bulgarian’.The article I have is taken from the “New York Times”archives.Articke was published on May 26,1903.


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