Greek Couple Dies in London Suburb House Fire

fireAn elderly couple of Greek origin, Argyrios (70) and Chloe (80) Siokos, met a tragic death on early January 22 morning, when their house went up in flames in North Finchley, north London.

The husband was found dead in the upstairs flat, while the woman’s body was found in the kitchen of the semi-detached house they had been living in for the past 42 years.

According to the Fire Brigade, the fire started somewhere around 6:00 p.m., and was put under control approximately two hours later. More than 35 firefighters and six fire engines were employed to tackle the fire that damaged the ground floor and part of the first floor and roof.

Investigations are now being conducted to determine the cause of the fire that killed the two elderly people.


  1. Bet when they immigrated to the UK they first asked politely rather than sneak across borders than manipulatively rant “Racism” and “fascism” when locals object to their violation of sovereign territory. I would also note the UK deports illegals.


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