Greek Flag on Sale Outside Utrecht Theater

Greece_SaleA Greek flag seven meters long with the sale stamp on it, indicating Greece is sold out, was considered good advertising for the Dutch impresario who decided to display it outside his theater to attract the Greek audience.
Thirty Greeks from Utrecht had already warned the Dutch impresario that his act is a total insult to Greece, stressing that: “We love our flag but remove the word SALE from it”. The impresario responded by telling them: “Its cost is 2,000 euros. It is very expensive to ask me to remove it.”

The owner of the only Greek-Dutch website in the area(, who also lives in Utrecht, John Garlemos, stated to the newspaper Protothema: “We even called a Turk who lives in Utrecht and asked him what he thinks at the sight of our flag and the man was literally disgusted, yelling that this in an actual humiliation of Greece.”

Some of the 30 Greeks who had gathered outside the theater undertook to tear down the word SALE from the flag while the Dutch impresario remained locked in his office, for fear of a serious outbreak outside the theater. “He didn’t even venture out even for one moment. He just called the police and when they came they arrested the children who had been tearing down the filthiness that was written on our flag,”explained Garlemos.

Three Greeks spent the night in jail and a trial date has been set for Jan. 24. The Greek Consulate of Utrecht showed interest mainly for those outside the theater on the night of Jan. 11, and invited them to the consulate to express their displeasure.


  1. I think this article need a bigger
    perspective. First of all, there is no impresario involved here, the
    person addressed was an artist, who is doing a series of performances
    about the crisis. The shows can be seen as a research project,
    questions about the crisis are raised and sometimes remain
    unanswered. Among the participants who want to share their story are
    a lot of Greeks, and also the artist is part Greek.

    The other Greeks, the Greeks outside
    the theatre, were upset about the use of the flag. A discussion
    followed in which the artist explained what he was doing and why he
    was doing it. This changed nothing for the outside Greeks. They were
    then offered the stage for their ideas: they were asked to come
    inside and tell their side of the story, as part of the show. The
    outdoor Greeks refused, and demanded that the banner (the flag) was
    taken down. It was only then that the costs of that action was
    mentioned. The reply was straightforward: a threat was made of taking
    matters in their own hands, when their demands would not be met.

    There are two things I don’t like about
    this article. One is the fact that the full story is not disclosed.
    The other is even more serious. I cannot side with people who claim
    to be Right, to be the only ones to be telling the Truth, while in
    most situations people are merely expressing an opinion. Of opinions
    we have many, and we can never force others to live by our opinions.
    People who claim to be Right, often take matters in their own hand,
    they don’t want to Discuss, because they are Right. The fact that
    this article never talks about the bigger story, never questions the
    ethics of what is going on here, whether you can threaten and act on
    threaths, simply because you Feel insulted, is something I find very
    difficult to swallow.

    Yvonne Franquinet

  2. What a disgrace!!! The Dutch-nuts are at it again, first it was the cartoon drawing of Muhammad back in 2006 and now this…. Who do these Dutch-c#nts think they are??