Omonoia Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

omonoiaOmonoia, the social, political and cultural organization in Albania that promotes minority rights for the Greek minority in the south of the country, narked its 22nd anniversary with a gathering of leaders of politics, the church and community.

The new Ambassador of Greece to Albania, Leonidas Rokanas, attended the event accompanied by the Consuls-General of Gjirokastër and Korçë, Nicholaos Kotrokois and John Pediotis.

The annual meeting of Omonoia organization was attended by Greeks from Saranda, Delvinë, Dropull, Himarë, Korçë and Tirana, who along with the representatives of the Greek-Vlachs, met at the Church of the Assumption Mary in Dervitsani. Following the Divine Liturgy, a memorial was held dedicated to the deceased members and founders of the Organization.

Omonoia’s members welcomed the greeted message given by Karolos Papoulias, President of Greece and the Deputy Foreign Minister responsible for Greeks Abroad, Kostantinos Tsiaras. “Messages from the national center have been clear once again: We need unity and solidarity in order to fight the nationalism rising in Albania which conspires against Northern Epirotes” the organization noted.

The event was attended and welcomed by representative of New Democracy party, MP George Stylios and SYRIZA representative, Kostas Barkas. The event closed with a reception hosted by the prefect of Lower Dropull, President of Gjirokastër’s branch, D. Malioukis.


  1. Athens, soon as possible to change strategy for northern epirus, before the Greater Albania and Chamuria

    Free northern epirus,, but the Hellenic government, is going default because it does not create possibilities of the northern epirot people to protest for lts self determination, but has created investments in Tirana financed by Greek politicians corrupted from the Lagard List,

    Immediately changed needs from the Greek foreign affairs ministry.
    Borders with Albania are borders with Northern Epirus
    Himara is occupied by barbars, constructing quarters with kosovar Albanians, to change the ethnic balances.


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