Volcanic Activity Suspected off Turkey’s Coast

submarine volcanic eruption off Turkey's coastA new submarine volcanic eruption might have recently started off Turkey’s west coast in the Marmaris Sea between the mainland and the Greek Island of Symi near Rhodes.
Scientists from Istanbul’s Technical University announced that they have found evidence of two active vents at about 200 m water depth along a north-south trending fissure 2.5-3 km long.

According to local newspapers, a rise in sea temperature was detected which suggests that lava might be erupting from the vents. According to Prof. Ahmet Ercan, it might take one to three, or 20 years for the volcano to surface if at all.
The area is located at the eastern end of the volcanically active Hellenic arc and volcanic activity there would not in fact be a  surprise. Possibly preceding the eruption, as magma was rising through the crust, the area was affected by a series of seismic swarms during the past months. According to scientists, a previous submarine eruption already occurred there in 2009.
(Source: volcano discovery, Marmaris’te yanardağ bulundu)


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