Church, Ethnic Greeks Reject Albanian Census

Ethnic Greeks_AlbanianOfficial results of a census held in 2011 in Albania are unacceptable and unrealistic, the Orthodox Church of Albania has stated. The Democratic Union of the Greek Minority Omonoia has requested the Albanian government and the international community not to accept the published results.

Omonoia said it believes that the results have been falsified to the detriment of ethnic Greeks and other Orthodox minorities, Macedonians and Montenegrins. The Church announced that it would release an official statement that would be signed by Bishop of Tirana and Albania Anastiasie. Omonoia said that it will do a parallel census in order to prove that the released results are not realistic.

According to the official census results, Albania has a population of 2.8 million, of which only 24,360, or 0.54 percent, are Greek and that Greek is the language of only 0.15 percent of Albania’s residents. Media and certain officials claim that there are 300,000 Greeks living in Albania. The information that there are 8,000 of Roma and Cincars in Albania is also being questioned. Some 98.7 percent of the population speaks Albanian as their mother tongue, according to the survey taken in 2011.

(Source: Tanjut)


  1. LOL.. Nice try Albanians, you can not hide from the truth.. In 2001 there was over 200,000 Greeks.. This is proofs that Albanians are trying to commit ethnic cleansing in Northern Epirus, similar to what the Turks did in Constantinople in the 1920s and in 1950s.. Free Northern Epirus Now!!!…

  2. free chameria, GReek genocide agains the cham albanian will never be forgatten and there are not greeks in albania, they just want to get a second pension

  3. free Acrocerauno! Albanian genocide agains the Northern Greek Epirotes will never be forgatten and there are not Albanians in albania, they just want to get a second pension from Greece….

  4. The Census seem to be normal and true.

    All the Greeks leaving in Albania now leaving and working in Greece. There are about 650000 habitant of Albania leaving now there. The Greek laws have always been favorable

    in acceping emigration mostly from Albanian Greek ethnicity or Orthodox Religious.

    The Omonia is having pressure for their failure in Albania. They will always applies a excusse for them. If Omonia will accept the Census will their final day as Organisation.

  5. Claiming that three hundreed thousand Greeks live in Albania, is more unrealistic than there are 24.000 Greeks Present today. By probability the second option is acceptable. There are only few villages with Greek habitants now in Albania.

  6. Statistical numbers can’t lie from official Albanian census takers and experts but you can surely lie without any proof and give numbers without any clue just for sake of pure wishing’s, you’ll never understand lying is not same as telling the truth, serbs try it so with ex-yugoslavia republics in croatia bosnia and Kosova but they found out the bitter truth in end cause like it or not with propaganda you ain’t going nowhere.

  7. Now its greek turn to organize a free democratic census with ethnic and religion numbers to show your democracy you’ve lacked for 200 years.

  8. The population of Greeks in Albania hardly reached to 24,360 even after they attempted to pay out thousands of Albanians to denounce their nationality. It is difficult to comprehend how Greeks from all other people in the Balkans are accusing the Albanian government of census manipulation. On the other hand, it is the Albanian people who do not have the necessary rights in Greece. In any case, this is a topic that can be discussed extensively but to any Greek person reading this… get over it…no more than 15000 Greeks live in Albania and half of that number are Albanians who have denied their nationality.

  9. This is evidence that Albanians are committing ethnic cleansing in Northern Epirus. Greeks have been living in the region for thousands of years while Albanians were introduced into the region 500 years ago and have no connection to the Illyrians or ‘Skanderbeg’ as they claim.. Free Northern Epirus Now!!!…

  10. in Communist times even greece admited there 30,000 greeks in albania. after 20 years they pretend 300,000. were they planted like mushrooms, or what, hahahaha. lol the poor brainwashed greeks believe the world circles around them, read your history books, if skanderbeg wasnt albanian why he did fight for albania or why he didnt fight for greece. stupid.

    by the way, you say that greek language was used in ancient albania. in england 2000 years ago they used latin. what does that mean that italy should pretend that england is theirs hahahahhow funny you are, totally brainwashed. just read greek historians and not what papas brainwashes you in churches

  11. This is bullshit. I’m not saying that there are not Greeks in SOUTH ALBANIA. Still their number is not that high as the Greek Governement is saying. You should start to realise that we Albanians have lived next to you longer then 500 Years… Free CAMERIA NOW!!!!!

  12. Let Greek Tanks roll over into North Epirus and you’ll see this figure of approx. 25000 Greeks to be UNTRUE. Hundreds of Thousands of Greeks will come out rejoicing just as they did in 1914.


  13. the primary distinction here is between Albanian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox. of course, only the greeks confuse religion and ethnicity, so they are always seeking to describe all Albanian Orthodox as greeks… thankfully, the albanians are finally rising up again (after a long sleep!) and re-asserting themselves in epirus. with greece in bankruptcy (in every way), they can only yell and scream in the usual uncivilized way that all balkan people recognize, but they cannot change the facts on the ground, because everyone knows that when it comes to numbers… LOL… greek statisticians are the first suspects! HA!

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  15. as the president says, “all the way to Preveza” 😉 stop the propaganda sad starving greeks, you will need us again to save your country, like the arvanites did during indepedence! 😉 HA!