Geneva Shows Ancient Greek Coins

Twenty centuries spanning from the 5th BC to the 15th AD, from the establishment of democracy in Athens to the decline of the Byzantine Empire, are depicted in the exhibition entitled Les mots et les monnaies, de la Grèce ancienne à Byzance, held in the Martin Bodmer Foundation in Geneva in collaboration with the Benaki Museum. The exhibition is enriched with material from the Numismatic Collection of the private public benefit foundation KIKPE (Welfare Foundation for Social and Cultural Affairs) on loan to the Benaki Museum.

The exhibition aims at promoting and relating historic periods and messages through several ancient coins and texts, since both the written content and coins indicate a lot of information regarding communication in past societies. The focus is turned on legends, stories, traditions, people and events which are echoed both on written and numismatic material, in a fashion that shows how the two media resemble, differ and complement each other and how their messages were disseminated in human societies through the ages.

Aggelos Delivorias, Director of the Benaki Museum said: “The exhibition includes material which is said to be the most valuable pieces that people could ever create from Homer’s period to Byzantium. Professor Vasiliki Penna is the curator of KIKPE’S  coins collection in cooperation with Silviane Meserli, Vice-Director of the Martin Bodmer Foundation.

The exhibition will run through March 17, 2013.


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