New Hagia Sophia Restoration Coming

Turkish officials have been another another restoration of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul after a previous renovation that lasted 17 years.

The Deputy Director of the  Hagia Sophia Museum, Chagrioulach Tzengkiz,  in an interview with the Anatolia news agency,stressed that “significant changes are to be made in many  Byzantine and other parts of the church as well, that were added during the Ottoman Empire.”

He added: “Right now the areas which have been severely damaged is the northern and western side. The renovation plans took time so as to be completed and now we are starting immediately.”

He said the work will last 600 days and will cost around $19.2 million. “We don’t fear the cost in the attempt to keep the Hagia Sophia alive for another 1500 years given that its story dates back to 1500 years ago,” said Tzengkiz.


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