Bulgarian MP: Greece Delays Makaza Border Pass Launch

The launch of the Makaza border pass has been once again delayed for the unforeseen future, according to the Bulgarian Member of the Parliament, Dimcho Mihalevski.
Speaking Sunday for journalists in the southern Bulgarian city of Kardzhali, Mihalevski, MP from the opposition Coalition for Bulgaria, led by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, gave several reasons for the delay, despite Greece needing only 10 days of work to open the pass.

Among them, according to the MP, is the 3-week strike of Greek workers, protesting the fact they have not received salaries since 2011. The other reason stated was a tragic construction incident, resulting in the deaths of two workers.

Mihalevski further said Greece was expecting the next tranche of EUR 30 B from the bailout package, which, if and when materializing, will allow the payment of the overdue wages and the completion of the road.
He, however, voiced strong doubt this will happen before Christmas.
The Bulgarian government, too, stated on several occasions already that the vastly delayed opening of the crossing point at the Makaza mountain pass on the Bulgarian-Greek border was the fault of Greece.
(source: novinite)


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