Two Bulgarian Villages Want to Join Greece

The French daily Le Figaro reported on the Greek dream of two Bulgarian villages, Tsrantcha and Brashten, and its people to be annexed to Greece. The French newspaper noted that the people of the two small villages (with 600 and 800 inhabitants respectively) have asked in a written statement to become administrative parts of Drama or Kavala, two nearby Greek cities, because they have lost all hope in their own country.

Situated somewhere in the deep of the Rhodopi mountains and natural borders between Greece and Bulgaria, the inhabitants of the two villages, who are mostly farmers, claim to often fall victims to speculators because they cannot prove they own the land where they are living (their titles of ownership were lost during the communist regime in Bulgaria).

Iline Dolaptchiev from Tsrantcha told Le Figaro that in Greece, unlike Bulgaria, people show respect to farmers. The news spread in the Greek media, and bloggers have expressed their surprise and concerns over such a notion being promoted in the Balkans, because it could result in many more villages around the different countries asking for annexation for political and geopolitical reasons. According to many villages in South Bulgaria are inhabited by Sarakatsani, a group of Greek shepherds, who keep the Greek traditions and Orthodox faith.


  1. Well, given the UN recognises any people to have self determination, if they want to leave Bulgaria they can, if they wish to join Greece, again they can.

  2. The UN does not recognize change of borders through that process- a bilateral treaty would be required between Greece and Bulgaria and then the global community would have to recognize the annexation. Also, both Greece and Bulgaria are allies and members of the E.U. and they would respect each others territorial borders 😉