Metropolitan Augustine Blasts Racism in Greece

Orthodox Metropolitan Augustine of Germany’s Ecumenical Patriarchate has condemned what he called “xenophobia and racism, wherever they’re coming from,” noting an increase in racist and anti-immigrant attacks in Greece.

Speaking to the Greek version of  Deutsche Welle, he stressed that, “When such events occur, the Church cannot remain silent,” although the Greek Orthodox Church in Greece said nothing about an anti-blasphemy protest in Athens that included assaults.

He also said that because of Greece’s crushing economic crisis that has put two million people out of work and increased hopelessness that there should be a return to spirituality. He noted that Greeks living in Germany share concern over the fate of their homeland.

His remarks came as Greeks of the Diaspora noted Oct. 28, Oxi Day, the refusal of Greece to surrender to Italy at the beginning of World War II, an event remembered by The Federation of Greek Communities of Germany.


  1. If you look at crime in multicultural Europe you will see it’s not whites who are attack minorities but the other way around. Crimes against whites goes ignored just like it does in the united states. These crimes against white people are rarely mentioned on so anti-racist pages and the the more left and progressive the more hypocritical lying scumbags you will find. This is why whites must support the far-right because they are the only people who will stand up for their own. We keep getting lectured about racism from the people who are violently beating us in the streets and targeting our women for rape.

    I have no sympathy for immigrants in Greece they have all reaped what they sowed.

  2. “xenophobia and racism, wherever they’re coming from,”

    You people love using emotional labels to try and discredit Golden Dawn. The fact that you people are still playing the ‘xenophobia and racist’ cards is laughable at best. Despite these labels Golden Dawn continues to rise is popularity, which is fantastic. On the other hand all the left can do is throw infantile names around like a school yard brat.

    It’s time to move over people. Golden Dawn is here to stay. Don’t be such ‘bigots’… LOL!

  3. I have a serious problem with this. I’m Orthodox, and I’m certainly a white nationalist and a fan of the Golden Dawn.

  4. This so called “Orthodox Metropolitan” should hand in his resignation from the Greek Orthodox Christian Church, because he clearly has no problem with the fact that there are 2 million ILLEGAL MUSLIM immigrants in Christian Greece(& yes Greece is Christian as 97% of Greek CITIZENS are baptised members of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church).
    This so called “Orthodox Metropolitan” doesn’t care about the violent hellish crime wave these illegal muslim immigrants perpetrate against Greek citizens & he seems upset that Golden Dawn protested against a perverse grotesque anti-Christian theatrical play that depicted the Lord Jesus Christ & his Apostles as homosexuals.

  5. You are all very sad people and pathetic and have absolutely no understanding of human empathy, compassion and all you are expert is in hate and ignorance and this is why the world is in such a state…all I can say is GROW UP…al those sad little extreme groups will fade away as goodness always wins in the end!!!!!!

  6. It is time for the great Greek nation carrying the banner of Christ’s original church to rise up in arms under the leadership of the great patriots of Golden Dawn to march and recover Konstantinopoli, Smyrna, Skopje, Alexandria, Varna, Odessa and all of Greece’s ancient territories which have been Greek since the time of the first humans. If muslims can launch a holy war we can too, Holy Jesus never meant it when he said “Turn the Other Cheek”. Building the spears, bows and arrows we need for the fight will rejuvenate our economy too.

  7. I’m certain the true Orthodox Church knows that unless the Golden Dawn patriots do get in control in Greece and remain that way, the rest of Greece will go the way of Constantinople. How many Orthodox Churches are there again in that formerly glorious city of the Eastern Empire?