Exhibition: Greek Press in Ottoman Times

The Turkish Journalists Association and Universal Federation of Greeks organized in Instanbul the Greek Journalists and Printers in Ottoman Press History exhibition presenting the political, social and economic conditions during the World War I, from the Greek journalists’ viewpoint and showcasing original copies of 32 newspapers published in Greek and Ottoman Turkish.

“With this exhibition we aim to represent the wealth of Istanbul’s Greek press and its contributions to the Turkish media,” the federation’s head Nikos Uzunoğlu said. Emin Karaca, a journalist, noticed that the exhibition presents the different cultures existing in Ottoman times, which gave Greeks the opportunity to publish press papers in Greek language.

The Greek Patriach of Istanbul, Bartholomew as well as TGC Chairman Orchan Erinc participated in the opening of the exhibition. The exhibition is being held at the Basın Museum, located in İstanbul’s Çemberlitaş neighborhood, until Oct 11.

Niko Uzunoğlu, chairperson of the Universal Federation of Greeks, delivered one of the opening speeches and stated that the exhibition is evidence of the fact that Greeks cannot forget about İstanbul and Turkey. Karaca said it revealed the cultural diversity that existed in Ottoman times, which allowed Greeks to publish newspapers and magazines in their language. “I wish such cultural diversity had continued in the media in modern Turkey,” added Karaca, according to Today’s Zaman.


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