Famous Designer Schwab Inspired by Ancient Greek Sandals

Summer days are over now but fashion designers are already preparing for their next summer collection.

The famous fashion designer Marios Schwab of London Fashion Week, recently presented his new shoe collection at Somerset House. The designer joined forces and creativity with Christina Martini, well-known for her Ancient Greek Sandals, in order to launch his own very unique shoes.

Schwab’s ancient Greek-style inspired sandals combine elements of ancient Greek and Indian design patterns. “I always thought Marios was creative as a designer and I am a big fan of his work. I find his shoes unique, just like his clothes. I enjoyed working with him all the way” said Martini, who has worked in the past for Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.

Schwab’s knee-high black leather sandals remind you of gladiators’ sandals with complex binds and buckles, while others are ankle-high. “Both Christina and I are from Greece. All the material we used was made in Greece, which I find very special for designing. I wanted to create something out of the ordinary that would bring together tradition and boldness,” explained Schwab.


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