Mass Held at Historic Greek Church in Hungary

A mass was held at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Karcaq, Hungary to celebrate its historic service. It was founded in 1789 by the then-Bishop Dionysios Papagianousis (Popovic) and Greek traders from Kozani, Servia and Siatista, Greece, who built it to serve as a meeting point for Greek traders of the time and provide a place of worship.

The Metropolitan of Austria and Exarch of Hungary and Middle Europe Arsenios held the divine liturgy in the Cathedral and thanked the people of Karcag and the Hungarian deputy mayor for attending the mass, while he also noted the hard work put by the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture for re-landscaping the surrounding outside area of the Church.

The liturgy was also attended by the Greek Ambassador of Greece to Hungary and many other representatives of the Greek community in the country.