More Greek Students Enroll in Albanian Schools

Sept. 11 was the first day of the 2012-2013 school year not only for Greece but also for Albania where students of Greek descent were gathered early in the morning in their school yard to hear the “first ringing” of the school bell.

While in previous years Albanian authorities had to deal with schools having fewer students enrolled, this school year was different, and many new students attended as more Greek families with dual citizens have returned to Albania.

Some 35 new students, mostly of Greek descent, were enrolled in the primary school of Gjirokastër in southern Albania. The Greek school of the city, including primary and high school, has the most students it had ever had in the past 15 years, now reaching 310.

A similar increase was reported at the Greek school of Saranda, where students’ registrations were up by 20-50% per grade. According to a Greek employee at the Albanian Education Ministry, Zissis Loutsis, there were no major problems concerning the distribution of books as well.

(Source: ana-mpa)


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