Greek Shepherd Couple Attacked in Albania

A Greek shepherd and his wife, residents of Palampas village in Igoumenitsa, were brutally attacked by Albanians from nearby village Janjari, it was reported.

After being informed by Albanian authorities about the location of their stolen livestock, the victims traveled to Janjari to claim 32 cows and 87 sheep. They crossed the Greek-Albanian border in an attempt to take back their animals, but they were beaten by the alleged thieves, according to

They were confronted by furious Albanian villagers, presumably relatives of Rushit Ismail, who had been arrested before for stealing livestock, while his son Astrit is wanted by local authorities on the same charges. After the attack, the Greek couple had to stay in Albania for six hours.

The Albanian police traced the victims hours after the attack, but are still in search of the suspects. Police said they believe that Astrit Ismail participated in the beating.


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