Belgium Honors Greece During Walloonia’s Celebrations

According to a recent report of the Flemish newspaper De Tijd, the government of Wallonia has chosen Greece as the honored country during events that will take place from Sept. 13-17 for the commemoration of Belgium’s Independence from the Netherlands in 1830.

Walloon Region Minister-President Rudy Demotte said that, “It’s not a sign of sympathy” for debt-ridden Greece which is struggling through an economic crisis. “On the contrary, choosing Greece was rather a symbolic act. We owe Greeks plenty and that cannot be valued in financial terms; it is related to the vast culture they bestowed us,” he noted.

Greek films, songs and traditional dances as well as Greek delicacies will mark this year’s commemorations. More than 250,000 people are expected to take part in the Namur-based events, as happens every year.


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