German CSU Leader Horst Seehofen Backs Ressler’s Offensive Statements Against Greece

German Finance Minister Philip Ressler was “undoubtedly right” in regard to Greece claimed Bavarian Premier and CSU party leader Horst Seehofen.

“We’ve always wanted certain terms to be obeyed. So far they have been obeyed and that’s why we managed to agree on specific steps in the Parliament. Now we are waiting to see how things will go in Greece. If Greece doesn’t comply with the terms and its commitments, then there cannot be any help,” noted Mr Seehofen in an interview with German state TV station ZDF.

He also expressed his skepticism over whether the European Central bank should buy state bonds from heavily-indebted countries.

Commenting on Eurogroup head Jean Claude Junker’s statement that Germany is treating the Eurozone as its “subsidiary” and that it is taking eurozone decisions according to internal political interests, Seehofen said “certain interviews create problems, and that is one of them.”