Over 25,000 Greeks Migrated to Germany in 2011, Report German Financial Times

More than 25,000 Greek people migrated to Germany in the past year, report Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) who stress that this number equals to 0.6% of workers or 250,000 German workers that could work instead of foreigners.

According to a Trendforce Institute poll hosted by the newspaper, half of the graduates from Greek technical schools as well as 40% of those graduated from corresponding schools in Spain, Italy and Portugal are thinking about leaving their countries. Moreover, thousands of doctors have already left Greece in a bid to find a job.

Nobel laureate in Economic Science, Mr Robert Mundell, explains that immigration is one of the factors that could help Greece and other southern European countries deal with recession. He mentions two more factors- lower prices in products and lower wages. German Financial Times add also that in 2011, 33,000 Italian people and 28,000 Spaniards moved to Germany, that is far more than Greek migration numbers.


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