Budapest Swayed by the Rhythm of the “Women’s Association of Neo Velissario Ioannina” Dance Group

Greeks shined through with their singing and dancing performances during the 2012 folklore Budapest Summer Festival. Groups from Epirus, Vlacotinze of Serbia, Smyrna and Budapest presented a truly spectacular show.

Greek-Hungarian Theodore Skevis’ special participation really favored the Greek team. The music and dancing group from Epirus enchanted the attendees. It was founded in 1994 as “Women’s Association of Neo Velissario Ioannina” by strong women who wished to support and promote their homeland.

The 130-member association participated at an international festival for the second time under the guidance of the same dance instructor, Christos Zisis.

The group from Epirus was invited to visit Budapest again in the future for more amazing performances and accordingly invited Hungarian bands to Greece.