15-Year-Old Student from Northern Epirus was Named Miss Albania 2012

A 15-year-old student coming from Dropolis in Northern Epirus was appointed Miss Albania 2012. The beauty competition took place in the country’s capital, Tirana.

Cleoniki Deliyiorgi  lives in Ioannina along with her family. Her father, Michael Deliyiorgis, has been sentenced for the deadly explosion which occured in 2008 in an Albanian laboratory. The incident took place in Gerdec, Albania. Due to the explosion, 26 men were killed while several others were injured.

Despite being quite young, Ms Deliyiorgi was allowed to take part in the competition. On the contrary, Greek nominees must be over 16 to participate in such contests.

Beautiful Cleoniki Deliyiorgi, who totally deserved this title, will represent Albania in the Miss Globe Contest 2012.

(Source: proto thema)


  1. Mistake with the region and the country names. Dropulli is in South Albania. Epirus is in Greece.
    Thank you for correcting the names in the article.

  2. Hahaha don’t even bother this people are retarded they belive what they want or what the priest tells them . Ps: to the journist yes she deserved the title we also have judges and government members etc who are ethnic Greeks . When is Greece going To come out of the middle ages and respect Albanian emigrant rights ( not making them change their names to spiridhimos would be nice) also FREE CAMERIA and stop calling southern Albania funny names. Thank you .

  3. Hahah, we can only talk of Southern Epirus. Epir was always Albanian. Even today there lives Arvanitas. The only non Albanians there are descendants of Orthodox Turkish Anatolian, today known as Greeks.  

  4. this is bull shit you gay reeks why you calling our people Greek and our region Greek while is not we are Albanians and not gay reeks

  5. Stupid albanians, I feel sorry for you, imagine what a world of lies you must live in, you never have opened a history book, not even if you wanted to learn because you are too retarded


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