Olympic London Hosts the “First Modern Olympic Games, Athens 1896” Photo Exhibition

On July 3rd, the Hellenic Centre in London inaugurates an exhibition of rare photographs from the archives of the Benaki and National Historical Museums of Athens depicting the very first Modern Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896.

Entitled “The First Modern Olympic Games, Athens 1896” visitors will travel back to 1896, where athletes participating in the first modern Olympics were training in front of the audience.

The exhibition, occasioned by the 2012 Olympic Games held in the British capital,  describes first modern Olympic Games’ course through images. The 55-photo-long ‘trip’ begins with the reconstruction works of the Panathenaic Stadium, visitors’ arrival at the stadium to watch the games, athletes’ training exercises ending with remembrances of  the moment when Olympic champions were awarded their medals.

As for the Hellenic Centre, it is a vibrant cultural organisation founded in 1994 as a charity, with the aims of providing a focus for the Hellenic community, promoting an awareness of Hellenic culture in the UK and nurturing the unique relationship between Britain and the Hellenic world. The Centre offers a rich programme of lectures, exhibitions, concerts, social events and Greek language courses.


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