300 Russian Tourists to Greece Stranded in Airports

About 300 Russian tourists cannot fly to Greece due to visa delays that left them stranded in airports, Vladimir Kaganer, head of Russia’s Tez Tour operator, told Interfax on Monday.
The problem occurred late last week, when a Greek visa center refused to issue visa to the tourists without explanation.
Right now, the visa center and the  Greek consulate are in talks to rectify the situation, Kaganer said.
(source: Interfax, Photo: RIA Novosti)


  1. The Greek visa center wanted bribe money to be paid up front. Bribes must be paid for anything we do in our lives. Couple of years ago between 2002 and 2004, there was a Greek married couple working in the Greek embassy in Beijing at the visa section, used to charge 5000USD for each visa given to Chinese citizens. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a team to investigate and as usual the investigation was concealed and the couple was sent home without any punishment because they are civil servants with connections in one of the political parties.


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