Greek-German Woman Beaten Harshly During Greece-Germany Football Match

A young mother, aged 19, along with some friends went last week to a Berlin-based open area, where several events take place each year, to watch the football match between Greece and Germany.

As she is both half Greek and half German, she supported both football teams. In a bid to express her double allegiance, Angelina L. covered her body with both flags. According to an interview she gave to German Bild newspaper, from the first moment that she stepped into the subway, everyone was staring at her and some of the other passengers did not even hesitate to laugh at her.

The match ended, Germany beat Greece 4-2 and her male friends headed to the nearest kiosk to buy some beers. The 19-year-old woman stayed behind with another female friend, discussing the match and waiting for their friends to return. “Suddenly, I saw a punch coming to my face,” said the woman.

The assailant managed to escape and got lost in the crowd, but the woman was transferred to hospital with a black eye as well some broken bones around her eye socket.

(Source: lifo)


  1. It’s not Football !!! its Soccer !! and the people who support it are morons ! because all you ever see is them fighting over the stupid game/teams

  2. Well I think that her Greek “half” is stronger than her German “half”: Fake dyed blonde hair to go along with bushy jet-black eyebrows?!! 🙂 Who is she fooling? Maybe she got punched by someone who couldn’t stand that monstrosity!!

  3. Right Alex! Or maybe he is a representive kind of a typical German that feels man enough when it comes to beat women. Like you I assume..

  4. I am Greek-American Hilda! 🙂 But you surely must be German since you have no sense of humor!! Don’t worry, I won’t mention the war! I said what I said because only a Greek woman would commit such an esthetic massacre (I have such specimens in the family, I’d know!), therefore my comment about her Greek half being stronger than her German half 🙂 Now go look up sense of humor on Google..

  5. Only a Greek woman would commit an aesthetic massacre? This article was about a female being beaten, in an extremely cowardly manner, and you have somehow turned this into an issue about her dying her hair blonde (as if she is the only women to do so). You are a waste of space. Eat a bullet.

  6. well thats rather much. Wishing death on someone for making a lame joke. That makes you worse then the guy that punched the woman. Cowardly no, but immoral or dickish then yes. Since cowards by definatition avoid conflict. Not saying its courages but its a lessor form of it compared to punch a big guy(which would be foolish)

    but wierd though that the most sissyiest sport has the most aggressive fan base. You never see this happening with boxing or mma fans

  7. i can tell you’re an American. Soccer is what they call football in America, If it’s Football its Football and its right cuz the sport wasn’t invented in America and quit acting like u know it all.