“Friends of Greece” Circle Founded among MEPs After Chatzimarkakis’s Initiative

Ten members of the European Parliament signed the founding declaration for establishing the MEP Circle of “Friends of Greece” during a special ceremony that was held in Brussels.

The initiative for the formation of the Circle belongs to the Greek-rooted, German MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis (ALDE) and aims at promoting Greece and the Greek culture among the European peoples.

The main issue discussed during the inauguratiion ceremony was the critical condition in which Greece has been found as a result of the financial crisis, as well as the need to point out that Greece is not just the birth-place of democracy, but rather the symbol of Europe’s will to stay united and further develop European ideals.

“Friends of Greece” plan to work on reversing the negative image of Greece and promoting the country and its culture. The circle also aims to support Greece in the agreed reform process that has already begun, and most importantly, wishes to give a strong message–that Greece is not alone in this difficult situation, but has Europe on its side.

The ten MEPs have focused on promoting Greece’s strongest industry, tourism, so they signed a public invitation to European tourists inviting them to spend their holidays in Greece. To that end, they plan to function as Greek ambassadors from now on.



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