Newly Constructed Greek Orthodox Church in Albania Is the 3rd Largest in Europe

Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania Anastasios  inaugurated the third largest Orthodox Church in Europe in Albania in the presence of dozens of Greeks.

The newly constructed cathedral is dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ and is located in the center of the Albanian capital. Members of the Albanian government and the neighboring country attended the ceremony which was held in all pomp and spiritual glory.

“The new cathedral in Tirana is one of the most important architectural constructions built over the past twenty years, not only for the Orthodox Church, but also for entire Albania. It was built near the central square of the Albanian capital in a historical region,” explains the mechanical engineer who undertook the project, Mr Leonidas Pappas.


  1. greeks building churches in albania nice orth greek so tomm greeks can say every one is greek not albanian what a shame greeks have the worse human rigths abusie and europe supports them well quees what dont think us albanians are sleeping eu states i never trust you and never will you never like us albanian and never will give us or terrotories back chammeria macediona kosova south serbia mali zi for greek you do anything for us nothing what have you done for us albanians nothing i hope we never join eu why join a bunch of racist group who hates us only time will tell when we wake up from you get lost eu states we dont need you we have been fine since the stone age time

  2. Considering the Albanians helped trash Orthodoxy in Kosovo, This is a wonderful ‘Spiritual-sign’ that The Lord has not forsaken his people in This Predominantly ‘Muslim’ Country. !

  3. albanians never trashed nothing  they have albanian cath there albania has orth albanians how  come kosova  albanians never kill them or burn there orth church you dont know nothing about albanian history we have all 3 relgion and we get along why is that? explain it to me we are the only country that have 3 relgion and not figth over relgion like greeks serba slavs middle east why we are not just a mulsim country we are for all relgion on albanian land

  4. Its an Albanian Orthodox Church. The litergy will be held in Albanian. Please correct your typo.

  5. Bad news reporting is truly shameful. This is the new Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, dedicated on the 20th Anniversary of the restoration of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania. It was a wonderful celebration with thousands of Albanian Orthodox Christians present and many dignitaries from all over the world, and Albanian politican leaders present. Yes, there were dozens of Greeks and Americans present and Orthodox Christians throughout the world rejoiced to see this magnificant Church inaugurated. The original historic Orthodox cathedral in the center of Tirana was destroyed by the communists. So the day was made doubly joyful by the fact that a terrible injustice had been made right.

  6. This was not build by the Greeks what kind of fake news this is? This Orthodox Cathedral was build for the Albanian Orthodox and for the 100th anniversary of Albania which included the oldest Orthodox Church which was destroyed by the communists when the country declared it self Atheist. Shame on the person who published this article and manipulate the facts if the Church was Greek how come it holds an Albanian flag in every corner of it. I really hate you stupid gayreeks (greeks) who want to make or turn everything into greek fuck off wankers long live Albania

  7. BAD BAD BAD REPORT … THIS IS ‘Kisha Autoqefale Shqipetare’ which marks the 100th year of the Albainan Orthodox Establishment … GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT …

  8. This is ridiculous! This is NO Greek church! It is the main cathedral of the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, get that right, mate! We are proud Orthodox and Albanian but have nothing to do with Greeks, who always try to falsify history and claim the Orthodox as Greeks!.. Sort out your debts and leave us alone. Jesus would be ashamed of what goes on in Greece in his name.


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