Five People Executed in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Five men were shot dead this morning in Cyprus. Three Cypriots and two Romanians were gunned down execution-style in the downtown Cypriot tourist resort Ayia Napa. The deceased men worked as security guards for a local businessman.

The mafia-style shooting took place at 3:30 am while the five  private security men were driving through the city. Their car was fired on by unknown assailants and as a result, it later crashed, uncontrolled, into a parked vehicle.

According to Cypriot press, four out of five died instantly due to head and chest injuries while fifth passenger died on the way to hospital.

Cypriot media report that it was an underworld crime. However, in the past years, Cypriot police appeared to have undertaken successful operations against such crimes and consequently this attack shocked the local community.

The only eyewitness, a British tourist, is being questioned by police officers. He told them that he saw a motorbike following the car while other resources claim that the executors were hidden somewhere in the surrounding area waiting for the car to approach.


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