This Picture Speaks a Thousand Words- a Muslim Woman Holding the Greek Flag

Crucial elections need a cool head, many are commenting today.  And while Greeks turn to far-right Golden Dawn party because they tend to believe that illegal immigrants have full responsibility for Greece’s bad financial situtation, another immigrant in Belgium is demonstrating for Greece.

This picture was taken some days ago in Brussels, where Belgians organized a demonstration against Europe’s austerity measures imposed on Greece. Thousands of people supported for our homeland, while a photographer zoomed in on this Muslim woman.

With the traditional headscarf around her face, this young woman shows her love to Greece. She holds a big heart in the shape of a Greek flag to express her belief peacefully. As we know, sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.


  1. Wow, you are certainly reading a LOT into this photograph.  And the photo is from Brussels, so what’s the point? She’s not in Greece — and likewise, you make the racist assumption she’s where she is illegally? Just because she’s muslim? Perhaps she’s a convert, ever think of that? And by the way, I must also point out that the Golden Dawn is left-wing, nor right-wing. They are fascists who grew out of socialism, just like Mussolini and Hitler. It’s funny how you only ever read about “right-wing” groups in Europe when anything goes wrong. It doesn’t just mean someone you don’t like, just like any muslim you see doens’t happen to be an illegal alien in Europe as you assume in this piece.

  2. She is not Greek.  She is not Belgian.  She doesn’t belong anywhere in Europe and needs to return to her homeland.