Pashalidis-Trigonis Declared European Sailing Champions in Sailing

Iordanis Pashalidis and Costas Trigonis were declared the European Tornado Champions in sailing for 2012. This European Title mark is the fifth such title in a row for the two athletes, as they have witnessed a winning streak at the European sailing championships for the past several years.

They got off to a rocky start from Warder, Holland, the starting point of the championship, but they managed to change course and keep their eyes on the prize, eventually finishing first.

We should mention that the golden crew became World Champions in Switzerland in August 2011, after only a month earlier winning the gold medal at the European Championship in Italy.

But it would be totally unfair not to mention another successful couple, Nikos Mavros and Alexandros Tagaropoulos, who finished second and have had an excellent track record in the races in recent months.

The next Tornado World Championship will take place at Lake Garda in Italy from September 15th through the 22th.


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