Greek Poetry Night in Catalonia

Just to prove that Greeks are everywhere, the Greek Community of Catalonia, Spain, in cooperation with the Greek school of the community, will organize an event on Saturday June 16th about Greek poetry.

In a bid to celebrate the end of the 2011-2012 school year, Greek students of Catalonia decided to hold this event on Greek poets. The students will present and recite beloved Greek poems. The school choir will also sing some of the most famous Greek poems.

And because every traditional Greek celebration means nothing if there is no food included, the Greek community will offer our favorite “mezedes” of the Greek cuisine and wines and other drinks after the festival.

Anyone interested in joining in on the celebration and the chance to wax poetic, at least for few hours, on June 16 could meet other members of Catalonia at the Calle Valencia 558  in Barcelona at 6 p.m.