Journalist Nikos Aliagas Calls on French People to Visit Greece

Journalist and TV presenter Nikos Aliagas publicly calls on the French people to spend their summer vacation in Greece. It appears that the video he uploaded on the internet calling France to support Greece has become extremely popular.

It all started when the famous Greek journalist gave an interview with the French Le Figaro. The journalist asked Aliagas’ opinion on where he should spend his summer holidays and Aliagas proposed Greece.

T video he posted is now circulating on every social media. “We can’t talk about Greece only under an economic perspective. Should we really build a one-dimensional Europe, based only on the EU agendas and future plans for what’s about to come in thirty, forty, fifty years? No.,” he says in his supporting video.

“We build Europe when we change it, when we travel, when we share. So the best way to see what’s really happening now in Greece, is to go and find out yourself!,” he added. “A hospitable country, with thousand different colors, where the light is different, where people – even when they are sad – preserve their dignity looking forward for you. I’m no tourism ministry official, I’m just a citizen, a French-Greek that extends his hand to you. Thank you, have a nice journey. See you in Greece.”

A little bit about  the famous Greek journalist enjoying great success in France:

He is a Greek-born French TV host, who spent his childhood both in Greece and France. He speaks five languages and has published a book called “I Was Born Greek: The Mythology or the School of Life.” Apart from his great success on French TV with the music reality program “Star Academy,” he was the presenter of a show on Alpha TV called “Gros Plan” where he met international stars like Celine Dion, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc. He’s been awarded in both countries for his TV presence.