French FA Minister Fabius: ‘To Stay in the Euro, Vote for Memorandum Parties’

Speaking on radio station Europe 1, the new French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius noted that “we (France) have to explain without arrogance to our Greek friends that if they want to remain in the euro – and I think that is what the majority wants – they cannot support parties that will make them abandon it.”

“It’s a very delicate issue, because we do not want to give them lessons. Simultaneously, however, France, which does not want to give lessons, must say certain things to its Greek friends,” he added.

Using a milder tone than the one his German counterparts are used to, he recommends Greek voters to opt for certain parties. France obviously wants to determine the elections outcome, but – to be fair – it is not the only EU state that wishes or needs pro-European election results.

The French Foreign Minister also said that “everyone should understand that what is at stake here is whether Greece will stay in the euro or not. We cannot want to stay in the euro and not make any effort.”