Greek Actress Eleni Filini To Star In Turkish TV Series

Two years after the first Turkish TV series, “Borders of Love,” was screened in Greece, one more Greek-Turkish love may fascinate the Turkish audience.

In this TV series, “Two Seashores, One Ismail,” the Greek roles will actually be played by Greeks. Eleni Filini will act as Kalliope, one of the two wives. According to the plot, Erdal Özyağcılar, already known in Greece for his role as “Baklavatzioglou” in another Turkish TV series, has two wives – one in Greece and one in Turkey.

Eleni Filini was chosen by executives in charge of the series among many other actresses. Her dark black hair and her ancient Greek-like appearance made her the ideal Greek wife of Erdal.

Her TV mother will be Greek actress Kaiti Papanika, while several other Greek actors complete the series’ cast.

Filini told the media that she does not know yet if the Turkish TV series will also be screened in Greece. “It is a very good screenplay, with a nice cast,” she added.

Filming will be held in both countries, including Athens, Lesvos and Ayvalik.


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