French Télérama: Tribute to Angelopoulos

Occasioned by the anniversary of the late Greek director Theodoros Angelopoulos’ birth, one of the most prestigious magazines in France, Télérama, published a report about the situation in Greece while in crisis and its consequences for Greek cinema.

The French journalist ponders whether “chaos follows Angelopoulos’ death,” and pays special tribute to the late director, as well as to young Greek filmmakers.

Angelopoulos died while shooting his last film, which would be titled “The Other Sea.” His purpose was to make a movie about Greece in 2012, to “capture” in his camera’s angles “the slogans covering the walls.”

A colleague of his told the journalist, “I want to keep in my memory the scene when he was staring outside the window for hours crying.” “What we live now is not just a financial crisis; it is a total disaster,” she continues.

The opinion of several Greek authors and filmmakers in regards to the Greek crisis are also included in the article. Moreover, they share their thoughts about the possibility of Greek cinema meeting the international market in the future, just like other European countries did.

“Angelopoulos did not have any sponsors for his last movie but he kept shooting,” admits his wife to the journalist. “His film would have been a mirror of today’s Greece.”


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