Solidarity Placard for Greeks Inside the British Museum

For years, the British Museum has been a sort of guest room for the Parthenon Marbles. Hundreds of tourists visit the Greek sculptures, despite the fact that they are many miles away from their birthplace.

Members of the Coalition of Resistance, President of which is British former politician Tony Benn, showed their support to Greece by hanging a placard writing “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay. Solidarity for Greece” in the Hellenic Exhibition Hall of the British Museum.

They marked this peaceful demonstration as a symbolic “welcome note” for members of the Association of Greek Archaeologists visiting London to make an appeal to  archaeologists and citizens all over the world to support the protection of cultural heritage and historical memory in Greece.

Their campaign, “Monuments have no voice. They must have yours,” accuses the IMF and the Troika of imposing austerity measures, such as wage cuts, leaving archaeologists, which are civil servants, and other workers unable to preserve the ancient Greek statues.