Unemployment Drives Cypriot Youth to Marine Professions

During a critical economic situation, with unemployment rampant among young people and rising dramatically, it seems that an old trend dating back to the 1960s has been revived. The time when numerous students turned to marine professions to make a decent living is back. The Greek maritime sector keeps following a progressive course despite the difficult financial circumstances.

Cypriot students exhibit increased interest in marine jobs in Greece, taking into consideration that the nautical sector remains a profitable one.

The 9th Digital Ship Cyprus, the annual Maritime Communications and Information Technology Conference and Exhibition, recently took place in Limassol (28-29 March), and presented hidden potentials of ships.

Recent innovations which ensure maximum safety, as well as excellent conditions for staying and working onboard, are pushing more and more young Cypriots to seek jobs in the maritime industry. While two years ago only 8-10 Cypriot students chose the captain and the engineer position, the applications have increased to 30 for Greek marine schools in 2012. A similar figure is expected for next year’s applications.

According to Mr. Iosifidis, a leading factor for that change of heart might be unemployment, but we shouldn’t ignore the improved working conditions on the Cypriot ships and the quality of life offered to the modern sailors.

Cyprus has the 3rd largest fleet in the EU and the 10th in the world, while the Cypriot flag is considered to be an excellent choice for maritime companies and big banking foundations.